Our mission is to create an inclusive platform within our local community that allows us to expose, educate, and enlighten individuals on the wide range of physical and mental health benefits associated with physical fitness. Our emphasis is to normalize body wellness within the black and brown communities to bring positive change through non competitive running. Swagga House Run Club (SHRC) is a Latin-led organization, who pride ourselves on being a diverse group who welcomes individuals in all phases of their health and fitness journeys. We welcome ALL run levels, from beginners to elite, and all our events are conducted with varied run levels in consideration so that everyone is challenged. As a run club, our primary purpose is to create a culture of encouragement and support that spans far beyond monthly meets to promote real life relationships. We encourage everyone to be themselves and focus on their personal journeys while knowing they have the support of an entire group of individuals who genuinely want to see them reach their goals because at SHRC, we start together, we finish together!